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Dr. June Normil

Unit 1

lesson 4

human sinfulness increases

september 25, 2022




CENTRAL TRUTH: God is merciful, but persistent sinning invites His judgment. 

KEY VERSE: Genesis 6:5 God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually (KJV).

The  Lord observed the extent of human wickedness on the earth, and he saw that everything they thought or imagined was consistently and totally evil (NLT).
Human sinfulness Increases

Have you ever felt like the world around you has  moved so  far away from God that you wonder how much worse it can get?  Perhaps you have felt like God has turned away, not even noticing the righteous people who continue to serve Him. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Just as God saw righteous Noah who served Him in an evil  world, He  sees each of us  and  takes note of our worship and service to Him. Sin began in the  Garden of  Eden when  Adam and Eve disobeyed God's simple command not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Their descendants were born into the same state of living apart from God and demonstrated their sinful drive in their words, attitudes, and actions. God would judge them for turning away from Him but would  use one person--Noah--to preserve a remnant of human and  animal  life on the ark.

                                                                     Part 1- Humans Became Exceedingly Evil
                                                                     Evil Will Be Limited- Genesis 6:1-4
God's mandate for humans beings to fill the earth was being fulfilled (Genesis 6:1).  Both sons and   daughters were born, but Genesis 6 draws special attention to daughters. Some consider the  "sons of God" in verse 2  to be angelic beings. do not marry  However, Jesus taught that angels do not marry (Matthew 22:20). Human sin would bring the hand of God against the race. His Spirit would not "strive with," or convict, that generation forever, rather, humanity would be given 120 years to correct its way (Genesis 6:3, John 16:8-11). This time grace was marked, along with the direct ministry of the Holy Spirit, by the ministry of Noah, as he preached to the  people and built the ark (1Peter3:20; 2 Peter 2:5).

REACT? In what ways can believers cooperate with  the Holy Spirit? as He  works to convict people of  sin and reveal Christ to them?
                                                                   Evil Brings Destruction. Genesis 6:5-7
Evil had  entered the human population when Adam and Eve fell to Satan's  temptation.  And  everyone who followed carried the same propensity to turn against God. Genesis 6:5  vividly describes the complete depravity of the human race during this 120-year probationary period (verse 3). The evil in human hearts does remain hidden. A hearty filled with evil thoughts manifests itself in evil actions (James 1:14-15). The wickedness of humanity  brought sorrow to God (Genesis 6:6 ), not because creating humans was a mistake, but because of their constantly evil thoughts manifests itself in evil actions. God's nature meant that He must take righteous action against humanity's sin. Adam and Eve  were judged for their sin as the first, and only, humans of their time. Now a large population would be judge by a holy God. Although judgment was necessary, it brought God  no pleasure--it "broke his heart"  God was going to judge the earth, destroying both  humans and animals (verse 6).

REACT? Since evil thoughts lead to evil actions, how may believers stop sin early in the process
PART 2 -- Noah Found God's Grace
Noah and His Generation  Genesis 6:8-11
In a wicked generation, God took note of one individual, Noah, who found favor with Him (Genesis 6:8). Noah was "righteous," and uniquely "blameless" (verse 8) in his   generation, but the Bible does not imply that he was sinless. every human being (except Jesus) has sinned. However, Noah,  and later Abraham, were counted righteous because of their faith in God  (hebrews 11:7; see Genesis 15:6). Noah was a man of moral integrity, with a sincere desire to follow God. This desire would preserve his own life and  his sons' lives (6:10) Noah "walked with  God" (verse 9). Walking often means living in a relationship with God. At the beginning, God walked in the  Garden of Eden, and looked  for Adam to walk with Him ( Genesis 3:8-9). God still wants people to walk daily with Him. Humankind was sinning shamelessly, drawing God's attention to the violence which filled the earth.

REACT? How can God's knowledge of Noah encourage you when you feel like you are alone in a world turned against Him?

       God Announces His judgment--Genesis 6:12--13
God had declared all of creation to be "very good" (Genesis 1:31). Yet, judgment would come because everyone was corrupt in God's sight (Genesis 6:12). But, God's way had been rejected by Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:12-13). All people-- except Jesus Christ--would follow Adam and Eve by sinful thoughts and actions. Noah received God's gift of righteousness by faith (Hebrews 11:7). Later, Abraham, was justified in God's sight by faith (Genesis 15:6). Because of Noah's right standing with Him "destroy" (6:13) all living creatures uses the same Hebrew term that refers to the  corruption brought by sin (Genesis 6:12-13). Those God created  had  destroyed  the world by turning against Him; now He  would turn against them  in judgment.
REACT? Why is it important to accept God's verdict that all have sinned.

  PART 3-- Preparation for Coming Judgment
   Plans for the Ark   Genesis 6:14-16
Having told Noah that the earth would be judged for sin. God gave  him  directions for saving himself, his family, and  representatives of all land animals and birds. Noah was charged  with building an ark, or very large hollow chest, of wood (Genesis 6:14). God designed this vessel not to sail, but to float. The inside of the ark was divided into cabins or small cells for its various occupations. The  dimensions of the ark were 300  cubits by 50 cubits by 30 cubits (verse 15). A cubit was about 18 inches, so the ark was about 450 feet long. It was constructed of "gopher wood, or "cypress wood," a durable evergreen woood valued for shipbuilding. For waterproofing and a defense against worms, Noah coated  the ark with tar, likely bitumen, freely available in the area. An 18 inch high window provided light and ventilation. A door in the side provided the point of entry. The ark was divided into three decks, or stories. Each was about 15 feet high, leaving room for the people, animals, and food they would need.

REACT? How did the design of the ark differ from that  of a conventional boat?
Death Outside, Life Inside-- Genesis 6:17--22
God told Noah that He would send a flood to end the life of "every living thing that breathes" (Genesis 6:17). This was the result, not of natural law, but of God's direct action; God said emphatically, "I, even I, do bring a flood." In the  midst of this destruction, God delivered Noah and his family (verse 18). In addition to the human passengers, the ark was the only place of refuge for a pair of each kind of land animal and bird (verse 19). Later, we find that seven pairs of the animals and birds approved for sacrifice were included (see 7:2-3). Noah loaded the ark with enough flood for humans and animals for an entire year (verse 21). At this point, God's direct sanction was for a diet of plans for all living creatures (see 1:29-30). Noah obeyed God in all the preparations for the Flood (6:22).

React? Read Matthew 10:29. What should a believer's attitude reflect about the care God has for His animal creation?
     God sees the life of every human being. He sees those who have  not accepted Him and sends believers to share the gospel with them. He  also sends the Holy Spirit to touch their hearts. God helps believers grow deeper in their spiritual lives. God may  call us, like Noah, to tasks that will affect countless  people.
                                                                       LIVING IT OUT
  • Examine your heart with the Spirit's help for any sin and  repent of it.
  • Ask the Holy spirit to use you to help others turn to Jesus Christ.
  • Find  opportunities to share the  gospel with unbelievers in words and in actions.

  •                                                         DAILY BIBLE READINGS:
  • MONDAY: The  Wicked May Prosper. Job 21:7-16
  • TUESDAY: Evildoers Are Cut Off. Psalm 37:1-10
  • Wednesday: The Wicked and the Righteous. Proverbs 10:24-32
  • Thursday: Children of the Wicked One. Matthew 13:36-43
  • Friday: Wicked Hands Crucified Jesus. Acts 2:22-24

Saturday: Overcome the  Wicked One. 1 John 2:12-17

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